Dominger Custom Pickups, custom built in California.


 Dominger Custom Pickups
Each and every Dominger pickup is designed by guitarist Joce Dominger and hand-wound by expert Tammie Dominger. This labor of love results in the highest-quality, richest-sounding pickups available in the world.
Tammie uses a special technique called scatter-winding. When winding by hand, it is possible to overlap the wire randomly, resulting in slightly asymmetrical coils that generate a magnetic field with a unique personality. 
This opens up a world of unique tonal possibilities that propel your instrument and your playing to the next level. Whatever tonewood you favor, whatever type of guitar you play, whatever style(s) of music you prefer, we would love to earn your trust by creating a pickup that will far exceed your expectations. 
We blow people’s minds on a daily basis! If you want to infuse your favorite instrument with that special soul, that little something extra, we are positive you’ll agree: Dominger pickups are the BEST!                                                                                                                                         
Handwound by Tammie Dominger
We have more models than presented on this web site, and we also take custom orders: feel free to create your own unique design. 
We don’t like to start on your project until you contact us by email to let us know exactly what you’re looking for. 
We will help you decide which model best suits your needs, or wind you one that does. 
You will be astonished by these pickups or your money back.                                                                                       
Dominger is a small, boutique shop, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t heard a lot about us yet. 
But the word is spreading quickly as elite custom guitar builders continue to load their beautiful instruments with “Domies”. Phat guitars, Peacekeeper guitars, DonMeister guitars, Wildriff guitars, Lutherie Lauberteaux, Guitares Benoit Guilbert, Booches custom guitars, Orn custom guitars are among our regular customers.